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21 Jul 2017

Tulips- A fact sheet


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Posted By Emmanuel F.

Scientific name
Tulipa Gesneriana

About tulips

Tulips are the best spring flowers that you can think of, and undeniably one of the most popular flowers. In fact, there popularity ranks next only to roses and chrysanthemums. They come in myriad shapes, sizes, and colours, and make great gifting flowers for a large number of occasions.

Tulips bloom as large flowers with six petals on bulbous plants. There are as many as 3000 varieties of tulips available today. Holland is the largest grower and exporter of tulips in the world. They are used throughout the world for decorative, gifting, and many other purposes.

Horticulturists divide tulips into 3 main categories depending on the seasons in which they bloom. The tulips that grow in March till early April are known as early flowering tulips and include varieties such as Water lily, and apricot beauty. The tulips that bloom in April till early May are known as midseason flowering tulips and include Parrot tulips. Then there are late flowering tulips that bloom around May, and include Fringed Tulips and Viridiflora Tulips.

History of tulips
Tulips have a long and interesting history. It is believed that tulips originated in Turkey and Persia. They played an important role in the history and culture of those times, and Turkish people used to wear tulips on their turbans. As tulips entered Europe, they became so popular, so quickly that they became a big craze, and were being sold at exorbitant prices. They were treated as symbols of Ottoman Empire. This started something of an economic phenomenon in the 17th century, wherein people had to sell off their fortunes, and economy crashed. This phenomenon was called tulipomania. Today, most of the tulips around the world come from Holland.

Meaning and significance of tulips
Tulips symbolise perfect love, dreaminess, and expression of love. Different colours of tulips signify different meanings. Purple tulips stand for royalty, and the red tulips symbolise true love. Yellow tulips are used to represent sunshine and cheerfulness. White tulips a great choice if someone wants to say "I am sorry" with flowers. Tulips are 11th wedding anniversary flowers. A bouquet of tulips stands for beauty and elegance, and makes a great gift for any occasion.


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